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Sunday, June 4th, 2006
11:50 am
Holy wow
I haven't written in this thing in 483925760837465 years. Weird. I write in xanga now. I look back on my entries and wow I'm an idiot.
Bobby and m broke up in febuary, we still love eachother but are trying to et over it.
I'm with Darrin now it's kinda cazy.
I have nothing to writein this now.

xanga= www.xanga.com/chelseasaysgo

Current Mood: apathetic
Friday, January 13th, 2006
8:51 pm
Livejournal? What's that?
It's certainly been years since I wrote in this silly little thing. I have't written in so long I don't even know what to write now.
I'm with Bobby, still. That's and interesting subject. God knows where I stand. Where we stand.
I don't want to type anymore.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
3:08 pm
I can still feel the high!
Last thursday I saw BEN FOLDS IN CONCERT!!!! it was amazing and a half. He played all of my favorites and it was sex. We got there. Bought shirts ran to the front of the stage. I was 3 rows of people away from BEN FOLDS and yeah it was amazing. He made up a song about candy to his ears. I went with Amanda, Rachel, Tammy, and Maia, rachel threw her undies on the stage, yeah she actually didnt make it and it hit some kid. then at the end he had us singing. he had one half doing one thing and the other half singing something else. Oh god i seriously orgasmed.


Current Mood: crazy
Thursday, October 20th, 2005
7:33 am
Sail away
You are Movie Star Marilyn! You love


I've started school like a month ago.
I'm still with bobby (and yes i love him).
Johnny goes to school now which is cool.
Marching band is almost over (yes yes yes) and I have a D in math.
I have been hanging out with Jordan every friday before the football games and it's basically amazing. We have decided we are going on a road trip when I turn leagal (wink).
Last friday at allegeny I sat wwith KAte Bundy's ex-boyfrind camren who is really hott.
I have been hanging out with Devon a lot lately. I spent the day at her house before the MASH show and our homecoming dance wich was pretty fun.
Jeb is homecoming king and I danced with him!!
In exactly 2 weeks me, maia, Amanda, Rachel, and Tammy will be watching BEN FOLDS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so so very excited!! Yes!

Thats about the deal with life. Woo? Hoo? I think so.


Current Mood: awake
Monday, August 29th, 2005
7:22 pm
So I went to the fair with Alex sometime this week and had a grand old time! Then friday Zack came over and we wactched movies. Then saturday we went to kennywood. It was fun, but rainy. I got to hang out with Mark (yay!!) and some sweet GM kids all day. Sad part is i didnt get to ride the sky coaster seeing how we couldn't get a time. Laaaaame. The marching wasn't all that bad, the parade seemed kind of short actually. The we headed home and me and zack fell asleep on eachother. Once me and zack got back home we watched scary movie 3, but i fell asleep. He woke me up and we talked from like 2-5. It was really cool, but then he woke me up at 9 which was not cool. We chilled then he left. I felt sick so i took and nap, but i was awoken but the growl of Chaz's motorcycle. He had come to pay me a visit, I was kind of annoyed by it. Then me and the family wne to go see Bewitched which was cute.. but who wants to descirbe a movie as cute? Then today I went over to bobbys..it proved to be interesting. We watched passions (i made him) then went to buttons and bows then we went back to his house. It was raining and we got a little wet. And now I'm home. I want to slit my sisters throat. I know it's not nice, but she's drving me insane. Ah well, she'll be leaving soon enough.


P.S. I'm in a band with Jon Blank..how cool is that? Pretty Cool.

Current Mood: restless
Saturday, August 13th, 2005
9:34 pm
So I'll start with band camp. It started monday. It was boring. I spent the night at Emma's with Devon and Tara and we watched the Notebook and een though Devon had seen it 4 times she bawled! And we danced to pour some suga on me, it was hilarious! "Ughhh" Charlie made some weird noises during band camp! It was mega fun! Then Friday I went over to Katrina's party. I had so much fun I met some sweet Union City kids. We made a slip-n-slide did a whole bunch of stupid shit, which of course was awesome. Then today I went to Tyler's sisters wedding with Mehgan and her mom, josh, and her sister. It was really nice, courtney looked beautiful. The reception we sat with gabe and sarah and had a bunch of laughs! It was really fun! Tomorrow Chaz is suppose to come over. I havent seen bobby in like a week. Withdraw.
Zack is spending the night here when band goes to kennywood. Him me and chaz are gonna do the sky coaster!!
Mark is going to be at kennywood too! I'm soooooo excited!


Current Mood: pleased
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
8:46 pm
dance dance, im falling arpart in half time
i went to bobby's.
We planned my distruction.



Current Mood: uncomfortable
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
5:29 pm
Someday my prince will come!
So i got home from florida yesterday. Like a half hour after i reached my house, Jessica called she'll be home tomorrow!! Jesse called asking me to come over, Rachel called, lacey called and is coming over tonight. Zack is having a bonfire and I will get to meet casey! I'm so excited! This is the first time i have seen anyone for a week! Last friday was the last day of school and I had a party. It was fun!! Kate left and I am mucho sad..
Tonight is gonna be sweet though! I cant wait to see Lacey! I have missed her so much! ANd I get to see my Bobby and all of my other very awesome friends! OH and I got my dress for the pageant today! It's so pretty!!! Yay! Ok i dunno what else to say so ima go.


Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
6:00 am
Fuckin right!

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Current Mood: accomplished
5:38 am
Boy, you're like a RASH I can't help but itch.
So this weekend was grand.
Friday I went to the beach/vintage dance which was pretty freaking sweet because Bobby was the Fonz and pretty fucking hot.
Saturday I went over to Bobby's with Kate and Jorden was there too. We watched the last bit of Donnie Darko then uh listened to music. Later that night they had a bonfire and some people came and me and Kate met a cannibal. Yess! Then kate spent the night and we talked long into the night.
The on suday I went over to kates and Bobby and Jorden were over and we watched Helter Skelter then went into her room and listened to some music. Then around nine we went over to Kayla and brent's camp site and chilled. Kate and Jorden spent the night there but me and bobby left at 11 and I took him home because he was sick. :(
But guess what? Now im sick!!
I'm going to florida for 7-10 days on the 13th..ima miss mah boo.
Kate's leaving for Reno soon, Ima miss my Sr.
I will finally get to meet Zacks casey this summer!!!
Jesse comes home the 14th!
Chaz is still weird.
Chance is weird.
Mike and I fight a lot.
Life goes on.
Im still happy.
Very very happy.

Current Mood: loved
Thursday, May 19th, 2005
5:08 am
A story for you from me.
Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked a boy very much. She felt he liked her just as much. They were together all the time. Every minute it was possible, in fact. They were dating and the girl was very happy. She couldn't stop smiling when they were with eachother, and couldn't breath when they were apart. Every second she couldn't be with him she was wishing he was there or thinking of him. She felt stupid in a way, but at the same time didn't care. He had a soft touch and a wonderful kiss. The girl could sense that the boy had a hard time expressing how he felt, this sometimes made her worry. "What if he doesn't want me anymore!? I feel so undeserving.." she thought to herself. These thoughts sometimes made her cry. Still, she loved the moments she spent with him. Whenever he was with her she was abnormally happy and no matter what had a great time. For a while everything was a joke, nothing was serious. They were like children always having fun not worrying about tomorrow. Neither one of them delved into the others past. This bothered the girl a bit but she pushed it to the back of her mind, knowing it was a silly thing. Then one night he called her and they talked long into the starless night. He finally opened up to her! He told her things she had wanted to know about him. She wanted to know more, still. She wanted to know everything. She was so happy. Then one day the boy read her journal. He had begged her to let him read it so she finally did. When he read it, he wished he hadn't. He told the girl this. She pondered "oh no what have I done? He has read, and found out about me. Perhaps he doesn't like me..oh what could I have said that was so horrible!" He later told her..she was ashamed and apologetic. She wanted to scream to him how it wasn't the same. And how it would not be his fate. Despite her explosive insides, she cooly told him her thoughts in a breif statment and hoped he accepted. She worries still, but hopes all is well. She couldn't live with out him...

Being in love is like peeing your pants...everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth.

Bobby, you are the piss in my jeans. I don't wanna ever wash these stains away. <3

Current Mood: distressed
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
6:14 am
Attention Attention! Ladies and gentlemen!
I haven't written in awhile and stuff has happened. I'll write about it!
A couple weekends ago I went over to casey's and hung out with her and bobby all day then we went to the movies and met up with mike. We saw "a lot like love" I guess it was ok, i didn't really care about most of it. then me and bobby and casey went home, got zack, and chilled in her back yard til like 1 in the morning. it was fun.
Then this past week happend. So monday was adverage and then tuesday i was leaveing to go to Penn State in the school van (which richie and i decided is the coolest car in the world) so I went over to Bobby's and chads sisters are REALLY annoying. Then I rode 4 hours to Penn state with Richie, Kirsty, Tammi and MR WERKMISTER. Me and Rich got to talk so it was cool. Actually we were with eachother like the whole 2 days of States.
Then on Friday I went to the Hang out with Bobby and Corey came. Me and Corey went for a walk and I ended up crying, but it was ok. We are better friends now. Then MArcus showed up and we talked about a lot of things that I think we both just needed to tell eachother, it was really nice, even though the subject is anything far from happy.
Saturday I went over to Kates and we went over to Bobby's. We got there pretty early and we hung out with bobby's dad who me and kate are in LOVE with! lol we went over to celebrate Jordens birthday and we made him an awesome present but he didn't get there until half an hour before we were gonna leave. We had fun though. Then kate and I went back to her place and talked long into the night. She says im just like her and im her junior, that makes me happy because i think she is the greatest! Then we went to bobby's again sunday and chilled with him and Jordenfor a couple hours which was kinda lacking a lot of insaneness but still enjoyable.
Bobby and I talked on the phone for a long time monday and last night, i really love talking to him.
Bobby makes me really happy..
I went to his baseball game and make came..we talked. I feel horrible for how i make him feel. I don't mean to but...idk.
Chaz has been weird lately.
I'm really happy with Bobby.
h a p p y.

Teehee sorry..

have a great day!


Current Mood: complacent
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
4:48 am
I'd rather hurt myself then some one else.
Im dating bobby and me doing so causes so many other boys pain. It blows. LIke corey...poor corey. I love that kid and i hate to see him hurt like this. But it was both of our decision to break up and..i dunno. Ugh. I suck

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
4:23 am
Who's a good emo girl? You are, yes you are!
So hows about Corey and I broke up yesterday.. yeah I was talking to Jake about how it was hard never seeing Corey and he told me Corey was saying the exact same thing. So i called him and we talked and decided to break up. I guess it was for the best..we are both sad but at least it was mutual. Well actually i heard from one person he is relieved and from another he is sad. Well, who knows. Once the people at school found out evryone was like "i give it two days" i didn't know what they were talking about until Mindie told me and they meant that 2 days till me and Bobby got together. Mike W. said "I give it a half hour" Alex wrote Mike O. a not that read..
or at least until she finds some one else.


And Taylor Birk gave me a hug. I like her. She is a sweet heart and wayyy cool!!
Go Birk!!!


Current Mood: weird
Monday, April 4th, 2005
5:55 am
I'm thinking about getting some ice cream. Yes siree!

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omgzzz that is way cool.


Current Mood: energetic
Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
6:43 am
When you live in the tundra all you can do is write in your livjournal..
Ok so friday diehl came over and we worked on our History day project till like 7 then we took him home and i went to Kayla's party til around nine. Me and Bobby were messing around on the couch until he left then me and Zack were talking for like and hour.
Then yesterday was the History Day compition and Diehl did great and I fucked up. Everyone said they didn't notice but i did. Kate and Emily and Mehgan and Ian came. We took first place because we had no compitition. How great is that? Then at around 5 I went over to Bobby's were I met his dad who made me eat Lasagna! I was chillin at his house with Bobby, his daddy, Jordan and Chad White, their sisters,thier mom Julia, and Mike Wozniki until we left to go see a movie. Bobby's dad is so funny! He said some of the most funny things I've ever heard. he said "i need to make a stop at the drug store" so when you think drug store you think medicine and then his dad pulls into the state store parking lot and bobby was like "this is a liquer store" it was so funny his dad was like "what do you think alcohol is??" So then (in order of seats) Chad, Mike, Jordan, Me, and Bobby went and saw Sin City. It was pretty good but it got confusing because i couldn't keep my eyes off of Jordans awesomely sexy body and i coulnd't keep my hands off of Bobbys hot body! lol! Me and bobby did what we do best and the guy next to us was crazy. He kept saying "ouch, ow, whoa, wow" and then he would grunt and giggle. Me and bobby couldnt help but laugh at him! Then Bobbys pop took me home but me and bobby were hoping the road was flooded so i would have to stay the night at his house! :) but it didnt end up that way. :(
Today it has been snowing like crazy! It sucks ass. So much ass. Argg! I was suppose to hang out with Chaz but thats not gonna happen...peace out!


Current Mood: bored
Friday, March 25th, 2005
4:24 am
Fun as all get out!
Ok so last Saturday I was suppose to see corey at the hangout, be he never came and i was all sad. But Jessica was there and that made me very happy! Jessica came over tuesday night and we watched GArden state and in the morning played M.A.S.H. lol how great is that?
Then last night I went to casey's and we went to perkins to meet Jessica, Mindie, Jake H. and Mike H. This was Casey and Mike's first date and we were in the both behind them and threw stuff at them and such. after perkins we all went to dairy queen and messed around. Jessica slipped and fell in the parking lot and I tought Jake how to 1.2 step. Some boys drove by in their car and called us dick heads and i flipped them off. The at Kwik full some guys were screaming shit at us and i threw a tic-tac at their car and i was like "what to fuck come over here and say that too my face you pussys!" I was ready to kick some ass! then we left and casey and I went back to her house and walked around cambrdge for an hour. The we went back to her house and got online. then bobby got online and I was like "me, you, the bridge 5 minutes.....and casey" So we were walking around from like 10:30 to 11:30 and we got chased by the cops. But we found a safe place and we just sat and talked to like 12:30 and then we went back watched harry potter and went to bed. I just had so much freaking fun last night. Im in such a good mood! yay!

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
5:49 am
Baby, I look like an Outlaw!
Hmm well...let's start at the Snowball dance. I went with my favourite Bobby! My dress was super cute! But for the first slow dance Roberto and I were dancing and casey came up screaming "haha i knew it my observations were right I told you" I didnt kno what she was talkign about so bobby told me he said "Casey told me that you said that i didn't have a crush on you...but i do. So she was proving you wrong" i was like "oh...ok." so we just ket dancing and had a killer time! Mike and i slow danced to "Burn" by usher. Perfect right?
So then this friday at the hangout which was tobe the first time i had seen corey in like a month and it started out ok then went bad then got great! here's what happened...
i went to kaylas after school then to edninboro with her and brent and alsha and walked around with them till kayla and i ent to Perkins and spli a salad olw and some fries. We then went to the hangout and there was no sign of corey so i called mindie to see if jake was corey's ride. he wasnt. i was all sad thinking he'd be there late. The mike and i decided to have a chat to figured stuff out. Let's just say it lead to me almost crying. Then i saw corey comeing while we were still talking and mike was like "go.." and i walked up to corey and gave him a really big hug and started crying. we sat down and i cried an said sorry he was like "It's ok....I love you" i was so freaking happy. Then we watched the shows and walked around and had a blast!! Monet Madrid Madagassgar and The sensory were amazng! And as usual the Switch put on an awesome show! The when he had to go...he hugged me real tight and told me he loved me. I kissed him, then again, then h kissed back..again and so on. It was really nice. But then he left and i was sad. The I went back to kaylas where we watched Party Monster, The Shockumentary. It was saweeeet! then saturday we just chilled. But my mommy found out that one of her friends sons killed himslef. I was very said.. He was like 23 or something. He had a kid too.. it's very sad. ON sunday I went to the warner to see charlie in the Jr. Philharmonic. He was great and really happy i came. Yep yep. I had fun talking to him afterwards..yep. OK well thats about it i guess...OH yeha and i will be seeing corey this friday at the annie play and then going to cleveland on saturday. sweet? Oh yes it is.


Current Mood: content
Sunday, January 16th, 2005
10:56 am
Exhale, another wasted breath
So hmm what's all happened...
well mike and I broke up. I dumped him and he cried. I felt realy bad he spent 40 minutes trying to make me come back to him..i can't even utter things he said.
Days later (and for this everyone calls me a whore) Corey came over and we watched almost all of the LOTR except for the last hour of the 3rd movie. Anyway afterward when we went into my room to get stuff so we could leave i kissed him, i couldn't help myself! And he asked me out. We have been going out and i think i love him..then again i thought i loved a lot of people. But i mean it this time.
Me and mike are not exactly on good terms with eachother. I don't know...
Jake and mindie are uber cute and i know that they love eachother and i am so happy for them!
Me and Chaz...we are confusing.
I don't know.
I've gained the rep as a whore. am i? Am I?
I don't think so.

3 days till me birthday!


Current Mood: complacent
Saturday, October 16th, 2004
12:18 pm
What Classic Pin-up are you?
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Current Mood: accomplished
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